Mechanical and Dynamic Properties of Biocomposites


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<b>Mechanical and Dynamic Properties of Biocomposites</b> <p><b>A comprehensive review of the properties of biocomposites and their applications</b><p><i>Mechanical and Dynamic Properties of Biocomposites</i> offers a comprehensive overview of the mechanical and dynamic properties of biocomposites and natural fiber-reinforced polymer composites. This essential resource helps with materials selection in the development of products in the fields of automotive and aerospace engineering as well as the construction of structures in civil engineering.<p>With contributions from a panel of experts in the field, the book reviews the mechanical and damping properties of lingo-cellulosic fibers and their composites. The authors highlight the factors that contribute to the improved properties and their advancements in modern industrialization.<p>Besides, the book is designed to (a) introduce the mechanical and damping properties of lingo-cellulosic fibers and their composites, (b) factors that contribute to improvement in properties such as hybridization, chemical treatment of natural fibers, additive or fillers, etc. and (c) the real-time applications with case studies and future prospects.<p>Key features:<ul><li>Presents viable alternatives to conventional composites</li><li>Examines the environmentally friendly and favorable mechanical properties of biocomposites</li><li>Reviews the potential applications of biocomposites in the fields of automotive, mechanical and civil engineering</li><li>Brings together in one comprehensive resource information found scattered across the professional literature</li></ul><p>Written for materials scientists, polymer chemists, chemists in industry, civil engineers, construction engineers, and engineering scientists in industry, <i>Mechanical and Dynamic Properties of BIocomposites</i> offers a compreshensive review of the properties and applications of biocomposites.


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