Metal-Organic Frameworks with Heterogeneous Structures


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<b>METAL-ORGANIC FRAMEWORKS WITH HETEROGENEOUS STRUCTURES</b> <p><b>A unique book that sheds light on Metal-Organic Frameworks complex systems that often display behaviors that surprise and cannot be easily described. </b> <p>In this book, MOF-based heterostructures technology with key characteristics is completely analyzed and the current state-of-the-art is discussed. The authors focus on the complex heterostructures promoted by MOFs with advantage of their recent new advances for various applications with particular emphasis on their design. As an extension of the design and synthesis, the shaping technology of heterostructure MOFs is also of great significance to the future practical applications in industry (adsorption/desorption, gas storage, catalysis, conductivity, optical activity) of this class of complex porous materials. As this unique book covers all of the aspects of complexity in MOFs with heterogeneous structures, it serves as an essential reference to the concepts of introducing complexity to designing the future new platforms of materials with advanced and superior properties. <p>This important compact book provides the reader with: <ul><li>The principal aspects of heterogeneity that produce complexity in MOFs, their effects in the structure chemistry, performance and applications </li> <li>The effects of complexities on the structure of metal-organic frameworks</li> <li>The roles of complexities on metal-organic frameworks applications</li> <li>Explanation of synthesis strategies of the complex heterostructure MOFs.</li></ul> <p><b>Audience</b> <p>This book will be beneficial for chemists, materials engineers, advanced postgraduate and graduate students, researchers and specialists who are working in the area of materials design and their chemistry, porous crystalline materials, coordination polymers, hybrid and functional materials, as well as industry professionals, such as those working on selective catalysis and adsorption-separation, optics, gas capture, processes of biological and pharmaceutical.