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<p>We are all fascinated by the mystery of metamorphosis &ndash; of the caterpillar that transforms itself into a butterfly. Their bodies have almost nothing in common. They don&rsquo;t share the same world: one crawls on the ground and the other flutters its wings in the air. And yet they are one and the same life.</p> <p>Emanuele Coccia argues that metamorphosis &ndash; the phenomenon that allows the same life to subsist in disparate bodies &ndash; is the relationship that binds all species together and unites the living with the non-living. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, plants, animals: they are all one and the same life. Each species, including the human species, is the metamorphosis of all those that preceded it &ndash; the same life, cobbling together a new body and a new form in order to exist differently. And there is no opposition between the living and the non-living: life is always the reincarnation of the non-living, a carnival of the telluric substance of a planet &ndash; the Earth &ndash; that continually draws new faces and new ways of being out of even the smallest particle of its disparate body.</p> <p>By highlighting what joins humans together with other forms of life, Coccia&rsquo;s brilliant reflection on metamorphosis encourages us to abandon our view of the human species as static and independent and to recognize instead that we are part of a much larger and interconnected form of life.</p>