Mobile Edge Computing and Communications


Driving Forces, Technology Foundation, and Application Areas

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<p><b>An up-to-dated and comprehensive guide to mobile edge computing and communications</b> <p><i>Mobile Edge Computing and Communications</i> offers a practical guide to mobile edge computing and communications (MEC). With contributions from noted experts on the topic, the book covers the design, deployment, and operational aspects of this rapidly growing domain. The text provides the information needed to understand the mainstream system architectures and integration methods that have been proposed in MEC. In addition, the book clearly illustrates critical lifecycle functions and stages of MEC, and shows how to deploy MEC in 5G and beyond mobile networks. <p>Comprehensive in scope, the book contains discussions on the challenges and opportunities of mobile edge computing and communications&rsquo; concepts combined with the most relevant emerging applications and services. The authors provide insights for all relative stakeholders of mobile networks such mobile network operators. This important book: <ul> <li>Offers the first book to provide a comprehensive walkthrough of mobile edge computing and communications </li> <li>Includes detailed analysis of current edge applications and technology foundation</li> <li>Presents information on driving forces and future directions of MEC</li> <li>Provides an authentic source of information from industry experts to drive the future of computing</li></ul><p>Written for mobile network operators, ICT service developers, academic researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, <i>Mobile Edge Computing and Communications</i> offers a guide to the current and future of MEC that will enable a completely new paradigm for future computing and communications.