modeling and managing interdependent complex systems of systems


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<p><b>A comprehensive guide to the theory, methodology, and development for modeling systems of systems</b></p> <p><i>Modeling and Managing Interdependent Complex Systems of Systems</i> examines the complexity of, and the risk to, emergent interconnected and interdependent complex systems of systems in the natural and the constructed environment, and in its critical infrastructures. For systems modelers, this book focuses on what constitutes complexity and how to understand, model and manage it.Previous modeling methods for complex systems of systems were aimed at developing theory and methodologies for uncoupling the interdependencies and interconnections that characterize them. In this book, the author extends the above by utilizing public- and private- sector case studies; identifies, explores, and exploits the core of interdependencies; and seeks to understand their essence via the states of the system, and their dominant contributions to the complexity of systems of systems.</p> <p>The book proposes a reevaluation of fundamental and practical systems engineering and risk analysis concepts on complex systems of systems developed over the past 40 years. This important resource:</p> <ul> <li>Updates and streamlines systems engineering theory, methodology, and practice as applied to complex systems of systems</li> <li>Introduces modeling methodology inspired by philosophical and conceptual thinking from the arts and sciences</li> <li>Models the complexity of emergent interdependent and interconnected complex systems of systems by analyzing their shared states, decisions, resources, and decisionmakers</li> </ul> Written for systems engineers, industrial engineers, managers, planners, academics and other professionals in engineering systems and the environment,this text is the resource for understanding the fundamental principles of modeling and managing complex systems of systems, and the risk thereto.


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