Models and Frameworks for Implementing Evidence-Based Practice


Linking Evidence to Action

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<b>The Evidence-Based Nursing Series is co-published with Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). The series focuses on implementing evidence-based practice in nursing and mirrors the remit of <i>Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing</i>, encompassing clinical practice, administration, research and public policy.</b><br /> <br /> <i>Models and Frameworks for Implementing Evidence- Based Practice: Linking Evidence to Action</i> looks at ways of implementing evidence gained through research and factors that influence successful implementation. It acknowledges the gap that exists between obtaining evidence and the practicalities of putting it into practice and provides direction to help to close this gap. This, the first book in the series, helps the reader to make decisions about the appropriateness of using various models and frameworks. A selection of models and frameworks are examined in detail including examples of their use in practice. The book concludes with an analysis and synthesis of the included models and frameworks.<br /> <br /> The models and frameworks that have been included are based on a number of criteria: that they are internationally recognised, have undergone widespread evaluation and testing, are transferable across different settings, and can be used by different disciplines. Models and frameworks include: <ul> <li>Stetler Model</li> <li>Ottowa Model of Research Use</li> <li>IOWA model of evidence-based practice</li> <li>Advancing Research and Clinical Practice through Close Collaboration (ARCC) model</li> <li>Dobbins’ dissemination and use of research evidence for policy and practice framework</li> <li>Joanna Briggs Institute model</li> <li>Knowledge to Action framework</li> <li>Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services (PARIHS)</li> </ul> <p><b>Key  Points:</b></p> <ul> <li>Includes an overview of implementation issues and the use of theory and frameworks in implementing evidence into practice</li> <li>Chapters are written by the developers of the model or framework</li> <li>Each chapter provides background on an implementation model or framework, suitable applications, underlying theory and examples of use</li> <li>Each chapter examines strengths and weaknesses of each model alongside barriers and facilitators for its  implementation</li> </ul>


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