Money with Jess


Your Ultimate Guide to Household Budgeting

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<p>Want to know the answers to the biggest money questions? Like, How much can you afford to borrow to buy your dream home? How big an emergency fund do you need? And how much do you need to save for a comfortable retirement?</p> <p>According to popular money columnist Jessica Irvine, the answer to all these questions&mdash;and more&mdash;lies in getting to grips with your own spending habits.</p> <p>Join Jess as she teaches you how to construct your own household budget from scratch, following her unique, 10-category household budgeting system.</p> <p>Packed full of money-saving tips&mdash;from electricity bills to grocery bills&mdash;<i>Money with Jess</i> is your ultimate guide to household budgeting and saving.</p> <p>Take control of your money and live the life you want.</p> <p>Get your highlighters ready: it&rsquo;s time to make finance fun!</p>