Monitoring for Health Hazards at Work


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<b>MONITORING FOR HEALTH HAZARDS AT WORK</b> <p><i>Monitoring for Health Hazards at Work</i> remains the seminal textbook on measuring and ­controlling the risk of workplace exposure to physical, chemical, and biological hazards. Designed for students studying occupational hygiene and exposure science, this comprehensive and accessible volume provides step-by-step guidance on identifying hazards and quantifying their risks in various workplace environments. Complete with checklists and practical examples, the authors present clear explanations of all types of hazards that can arise in the workplace, including dust, particles, fibrous aerosols, gases, vapours, and bioaerosols.<p>The fifth edition features revised material throughout, and remains an essential resource for students and professionals in occupational hygiene, reflecting global standards and recent developments in monitoring equipment, modelling methods, exposure assessment, and legislation on workplace safety. <li><bl>Several new or substantially revised chapters cover topics such as human biomonitoring, exposure modelling, hazardous substances, physical agents, evaluating ventilation, PPE, and other control measures</bl></li><li><bl>Updated sections discuss the equipment currently available, the importance of risk communication, assessing dermal and inadvertent ingestion exposures, and more</bl></li><li><bl>Examines common workplace comfort issues such as noise, vibration, heat and cold, and lighting</bl></li><li><bl>Offers practical advice on conducting and presenting risk assessments and reports</bl></li><li><bl>Discusses the future of the development and application of hazard measurement equipment and methods</bl></li><p><i>Monitoring for Health Hazards at Work</i>, is required reading for students and professionals in occupational hygiene, environmental health and safety, occupational health and safety, and exposure science.


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