Monsters of the Ivy League


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If, like most Americans, you think an Ivy League diploma paves the way to Nobel Prizes, Wall Street riches, and a life of prosperity and happiness, think again. Consider these “distinguished” alumni:* John Fairbanks (Dartmouth AB, 1946), embezzler* Amy Bishop (Harvard Ph.D., 1993), mass murderer* Eliot Spitzer (Princeton BA, 1981; Harvard JD, 1984), disgraced NY governor and patron of prostitutes* Cardinal Bernard F. Law (Harvard BA, 1952), protector of abusive priests* Jeffrey Skilling (Harvard MBA, 1979), felonious Enron CEO* Madison Grant (Yale BA, 1887; Columbia LL.B.), eugenicist* Ann Coulter (Cornell BA, 1984), professional bully* Jonah Lehrer (Columbia BA, 2003), plagiarist* Theodore Kaczynski (Harvard BA, 1962), the UnabomberIn 85 brief profiles of murderers, rapists, racists, cheaters, lying politicians, slavers, oligarchs, war criminals, traitors, forgers, kiddie-porners, and other moral reprobates, MONSTERS OF THE IVY LEAGUE effectively–and entertainingly!–bursts the bubble of America’s obsession with elite colleges.]]>



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