Mr Rosenblum’s List: or Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring Englishman


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List item 2: Never speak German on the upper decks of London buses. Jack Rosenblum is five foot three and a half inches of sheer tenacity. He’s writing a list so he can become a Very English Gentleman. List item 41: An Englishman buys his marmalade from Fortnum and Mason.It’s 1952, and despite his best efforts, his bid to blend in is fraught with unexpected hurdles – including his wife. Sadie doesn’t want to forget where they came from or the family they’ve lost. And she shows no interest in getting a purple rinse. List item 112: An Englishman keeps his head in a crisis, even when he’s risking everything.Jack leads a reluctant Sadie deep into the English countryside in pursuit of a dream. Here, in a land of woolly pigs, bluebells and jitterbug cider, they embark on an impossible task…]]>



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