Mucky Minibeasts: Worms


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Everybody loves beautiful bees and butterflies, but what about kids who like more mucky creatures – the ones that live down in the dirt or eat their own poo? These minibeasts are just as deserving of attention. This beautifully illustrated title will explore the wonderful world of the slimy worms. Worms are amazing creatures. They get rid of dead leaves and animals from the ground. Their poo makes soil full of goodness so that plants grow tall and strong. But did you know that worms don’t have eyes or lungs or teeth? Or that if a worm is in sunlight for more than an hour, they’ll die. Find out all about these incredible, but mucky, minibeasts.Full of facts, the accessible text combined with cute, beautiful artwork results in a stunning non-fiction picture book.Ideal for allowing children to learn more about minibeasts, but also for introducing them to habitats and understanding other living creatures.Look out for the other titles in the series too: Ants, Snails, Centipedes and Millipedes.]]>




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