Multi-terminal High-voltage Converter


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<p>An all-in-one guide to high-voltage, multi-terminal converters, this book brings together the state of the art and cutting-edge techniques in the various stages of designing and constructing a high-voltage converter. The book includes 9 chapters, and can be classified into three aspects. First, all existing high-voltage converters are introduced, including the conventional two-level converter, and the multi-level converters, such as the modular multi-level converter (MMC).  Second, different kinds of multi-terminal high-voltage converters are presented in detail, including the topology, operation principle, control scheme and simulation verification.  Third, some common issues of the proposed multi-terminal high-voltage converters are discussed, and different industrial applications of the proposed multi-terminal high-voltage converters are provided.</p> <ul> <li>Systematically proposes, for the first time, the design methodology for high-voltage converters in use of MTDC grids; also applicable to constructing novel power electronics converters, and driving the development of HVDC, which is one of the most important technology areas</li> <li>Presents the latest research on multi-terminal high-voltage converters and its application in MTDC transmission systems and other industrially important applications</li> <li>Offers an overview of existing technology and future trends of the high-voltage converter, with extensive discussion and analysis of different types of high-voltage converters and relevant control techniques (including DC-AC, AC-DC, DC-DC, and AC-AC converters)</li> <li>Provides readers with sufficient context to delve into the more specialized topics covered in the book</li> </ul> <p>Featuring a series of novel multi-terminal high-voltage converters proposed and patented by the authors, <i>Multi-terminal High Voltage Converters</i> is written for researchers, engineers, and advanced students specializing in power electronics, power system engineering and electrical engineering.</p>


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