My First Horse and Pony Book


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This stunningly photographed guide is the ideal handbook for young horse lovers, whether they are budding riders with their own pony or those who dream of owning a horse.The easy-to-read text written by horse expert Judith Draper, combined with detailed photographs, covers all aspects of first horse and pony facts, care and riding. From explaining the different types of pony, to the importance of mucking out your horse’s stables, My First Horse and Pony Book is the ideal introduction to horse and pony care.Learn the difference between the withers and the flanks of a horse, and the names of different coat colours, from chestnut to dark bay. This book also contains practical advice such as what to wear when you go riding, what to feed your horse, and the best grooming methods to keep your horse healthy and happy. Young horse and pony enthusiasts will love this exciting introduction to the world of riding.]]>