Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass


The Black History Classic

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<p><b>DISCOVER ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ACCOUNTS OF SLAVERY IN NINETEENTH CENTURY AMERICA</b></p> <p>One of history&rsquo;s greatest crimes, the American slave trade led to the suffering of untold numbers of men and women. But how can we better understand the lives and experiences of those who endured it?</p> <p><i>Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass</i> is a harrowing first hand look at the brutal indignities of slavery in the nineteenth century, and the society that allowed it to happen. To better understand our shared present, we need to fully grapple with our difficult past. Douglass&rsquo; <i>Narrative</i> is a key piece of that puzzle.</p> <p>An insightful introduction by Debra Newman Ham, a former Black history archivist for the Library of Congress, analyzes the text and looks at the key events in Douglass&rsquo; life.</p>


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