Narrative Research in Nursing


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Narrative research is an increasingly popular way of carrying out qualitative research by analysing the stories or experience. The findings of this type of qualitative research can be used to improve nursing education, nursing practice and patient care and to explore the experience of illness and the interaction between professionals. <i>Narrative Research in Nursing</i> provides a comprehensive yet straightforward introduction to narrative research which examines the skills needed to perform narrative interviews, analyse data, and publish results and enables nurse researchers to use the method systematically and rigorously.<br /> <p><br /> </p> <p><i>Narrative Research in Nursing</i> examines the nature of narratives and their role in the development of nursing and health care. Strategies and procedures are identified, including the practicalities of sampling, data collection, analysis and presentation of findings. The authors discuss authenticity of evidence and ethical issues while also exploring problems and practicalities inherent in narrative inquiry and its dissemination. <i>Narrative Research in Nursing</i> is a valuable resource for nurses interested in writing and publishing narrative research.</p>


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