Nasty, Brutish, and Short


Adventures in Philosophy with Kids

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Say ‘philosopher,’ and someone grand, old and bearded might come to mind. But, as philosophy professor Scott Hershovitz shows in this delightful debut, some of the best philosophers in the world are better described as nasty, brutish and short–that is to say, they’re children. Children make wonderful philosophers because they constantly question things that grown-ups take for granted, test theories about the people around them, and try to work out the way the world works. Following the lead of his two young sons, Rex and Hank, Hershovitz takes us on a unique tour through classical and contemporary philosophy, steered by questions like, does Hank have the right to drink Fanta? When is it okay to swear? And, does the number six exist?Fast-paced and funny, Nasty, Brutish, and Short is a unique guide to the art of thinking. Alongside Rex and Hank, Hershovitz investigates big questions about rights, revenge, punishment and authority; sex, gender and race; the nature of truth and knowledge, the size of the universe, and the existence of god. The result is an irresistible invitation to become more discerning thinkers, by cultivating our innate, childlike wonder at the world.]]>



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