NFTs For Dummies


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<p><b>Get a grip on NFTs and learn how to get in the game</b></p> <p>It’s not often that a brand-new investment comes along that revolutionizes how we buy and sell digital assets. But that’s what non-fungible tokens (NFTs) did. Built on blockchain tech, NFTs are shaking up the world of digital commodity investing. And you can get your slice of the pie before everyone jumps into the arena.</p> <p>In <i>NFTs For Dummies</i>, you’ll find straightforward answers to critical aspects of the NFT phenomenon. You’ll learn exactly what non-fungible tokens really are, how you can find them, and even how to create your own valuable NFTs. You’ll also discover:</p> <ul> <li>How to find reliable and safe NFT marketplaces where you can be sure you’re dealing with reputable buyers and sellers</li> <li>A peek behind the NFT curtain to see how NFTs work and what, exactly, you own when you buy or make an NFT</li> <li>Discussions of the kinds of digital properties that can be converted into an NFT</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for anyone who wants to learn about the market for buying, selling, and creating crypto collectibles, <i>NFTs For Dummies</i> is the only resource you’ll need to get a handle on this cutting-edge tech and start making it work for you.</p>