Nobody But Us


A chilling and unputdownable revenge thriller with a jaw-dropping twist

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‘READS LIKE A GLOSSY 90s THRILLER. OBSESSED’ Juno Dawson’IT GRIPS LIKE A VICE’ Will Dean’UTTERLY COMPELLING’ Louise O’Neill’BEING TOUTED AS A MUST READ OF 2022. I CAN COMPLETELY SEE WHY’ 5* Reader Review’NOT ONE TO BE MISSED THIS SUMMER’ EVENING STANDARD________YOU’RE A HANDSOME, WELL-RESPECTED PROFESSOR.This weekend, you’re heading out of the city with your latest conquest.She’s young and eager to please. Just how you like them. But there’s something about this girl that’s different.You just can’t put your finger on it yet . . .YOU’RE A SMART, HARD-WORKING STUDENT.You’re excited to be whisked away by this experienced man to an isolated cabin.Far from disapproving eyes, you’re crossing boundaries. Which can be dangerous.But you know what you’re doing. Right?Two lives. One twisted path. A game of cat and mouse.BUT WHO IS THE HUNTER? AND WHO IS THE PREY?________READERS ARE GRIPPED BY NOBODY BUT US’Wow. Just wow. Gripping, intense, thought provoking, addictive . . . I read the whole book in one sitting. Definitely going to be one of my favourite reads of this year’ 5* READER REVIEW’Characters, dialogues, plot, narration and execution of the story is brilliant. What are you waiting for? Read this book’ 5* READER REVIEW’Sharp, smart, powerful. I was hooked’ 5* READER REVIEW’Intense, twisted, claustrophobic . . deliciously dark and oh so satisfying’ 5* READER REVIEW’This is definitely one f**ked up couple . . . Filled with moments that will make your heart pound’ 5* READER REVIEW’I literally could not put this book down’ 5* READER REVIEW]]>