Non-Bullshit Innovation


17 Proven Ways to Transform How You Work

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*updated with new material*’Digital transformation’ and ‘disruptive innovation’ used to be empty buzzwords serving to justify pointless box-ticking and absurd corporate posturing. And then a global pandemic suddenly forced every kind of organization to embrace genuine, urgent innovation as a matter of survival. But how can we ensure that the non-bullshit version of innovation delivers economic recovery at this crucial moment? Are there strategies we can all adapt from the world’s most creative leaders to innovate effectively in our own lives?David Rowan, founding editor-in-chief of WIRED UK, embarked on a twenty country quest to find out. Packed full of tips for anyone looking for radical ways to adapt and thrive in the digital age, this carefully curated selection of stories will prepare you for whatever the future may bring – because the world will never move this slowly again.___________________________’In this remarkable book, David Rowan tells a story of transformation: how an organisation has found a new way of doing things through innovation driven by ruthless entrepreneurial imagination. What is especially useful is that he does not just stick with small startups, let alone dreamy “inventors”. He finds innovation in big companies and even within governments.’ – Matt Ridley, The Times]]>