Novel Techniques for Imaging the Heart


Cardiac MR and CT

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This book brings the recent dramatic changes in the field of cardiovascular imaging into the clinical setting to enable the clinician to best use the technology at hand. <p><i>Novel Techniques for Imaging the Heart</i> opens with three chapters reviewing the general considerations and fundamentals of imaging, followed by a series of chapters that address clinical applications of CT and CMR, including</p> <ul> <li>critical review of imaging approaches for diagnosis and prognosis of CAD</li> <li>evaluating the patient with new onset heart failure</li> <li>evaluating the patient before non-cardiac surgery</li> <li>evaluating the patient before interventional electrophysiology</li> <li>novel assessment of vascular flow and valvular disease</li> <li>relative merits of CTA and MRA for coronary artery imaging</li> </ul> <p>The final section deals with advanced applications of CT and MR imaging, considers technical advances and future prospects of high field MRI, and concludes with a chapter on image-guided cardiac interventions.</p> <p>The book includes a companion CD-ROM with a searchable database of figures from the book and 40 video clips fully referenced in the text.</p>


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