Old English Literature


A Guide to Criticism with Selected Readings

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<p>This review of the critical reception of Old English literature from 1900 to the present moves beyond a focus on individual literary texts so as to survey the different schools, methods, and assumptions that have shaped the discipline.</p> <ul> <li>Examines the notable works and authors from the period, including <i>Beowulf</i>, the Venerable Bede, heroic poems, and devotional literature</li> <li>Reinforces key perspectives with excerpts from ten critical studies</li> <li>Addresses questions of medieval literacy, textuality, and orality, as well as style, gender, genre, and theme</li> <li>Embraces the interdisciplinary nature of the field with reference to historical studies, religious studies, anthropology, art history, and more</li> </ul>


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