Opal Darkness


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A wonderful lush piece of historical erotica from the author of The Captive Flesh.’Sunlight gleamed off the powdery snow that frosted Constantin’s dark hair and Sidonie trembled with contained arousal. Constantin’s hands, already pushing aside Sidonie’s fur cloak, were hot and thrilling on her naked skin.’It’s the latter part of the nineteenth century and beautiful twins Sidonie and Francis are yearning for adventure. Their newly awakened sexualities need an outlet. The only high point in their ordered lives is provided by the weekly art lesson with the hedonistic Chatham Burney. When Burney’s relationship with his pupils becomes too close, the twins’ father sends Sidonie and Francis on the Grand Tour of Europe, where they swiftly meet Count Constantin and his decadent friends, and are invited to stay at the Count’s snow-bound Romanian castle, there is no turning from the path of depravity. The twins’ loyalty to each other is tested in an atmosphere of sophisticated decadence.]]>



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