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Based on Mike Lawrence and Ron Klinger’s acclaimed book OPENING LEADS FOR ACOL PLAYERS, this Fast Fact Finder provides the general questions you must ask yourself before leading and gives a vast number of expert tips for specific lead situations. The flipper aims to answer queries such as, ‘When is it better not to lead partner’s suit?’ ‘When is it best to attack’, ‘When is a passive lead preferable?’ ‘When is it reasonable to lead an ace-high suit?’ and many others.The opening lead can be the make-or-break point of the contract. If players would spend more time on the opening lead and less in the post mortem, declarers would face a tougher contest. If you are like most players, chances are that no part of your game deserves more work and study than the opening lead. You cannot expect to make the best lead every time but you can certainly boost your average.]]>




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