Optimal Coordination of Power Protective Devices with Illustrative Examples


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<b>Optimal Coordination of Power Protective Devices with Illustrative Examples</b> <p><b>Provides practical guidance on the coordination issue of power protective relays and fuses</b> <p>Protecting electrical power systems requires devices that isolate the components that are under fault while keeping the rest of the system stable. <i>Optimal Coordination of Power Protective Devices with Illustrative Examples</i> provides a thorough introduction to the optimal coordination of power systems protection using fuses and protective relays. <p>Integrating fundamental theory and real-world practice, the text begins with an overview of power system protection and optimization, followed by a systematic description of the essential steps in designing optimal coordinators using only directional overcurrent relays. Subsequent chapters present mathematical formulations for solving many standard test systems, and cover a variety of popular hybrid optimization schemes and their mechanisms. The author also discusses a selection of advanced topics and extended applications including adaptive optimal coordination, optimal coordination with multiple time-current curves, and optimally coordinating multiple types of protective devices. <i>Optimal Coordination of Power Protective Devices:</i> <ul><li>Covers fuses and overcurrent, directional overcurrent, and distance relays</li> <li>Explains the relation between fault current and operating time of protective relays</li> <li>Discusses performance and design criteria such as sensitivity, speed, and simplicity</li> <li>Includes an up-to-date literature review and a detailed overview of the fundamentals of power system protection</li> <li>Features numerous illustrative examples, practical case studies, and programs coded in MATLAB<sup>®</sup> programming language</li></ul> <p><i>Optimal Coordination of Power Protective</i> Devices with Illustrative Examples is the perfect textbook for instructors in electric power system protection courses, and a must-have reference for protection engineers in power electric companies, and for researchers and industry professionals specializing in power system protection.


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