Organisational Behaviour


Core Concepts and Applications

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<p><i>Organisational Behaviour: Core Concepts and Applications, Fourth Australasian edition</i>, is the ideal resource for a one-semester Organisational Behaviour course. Fourteen concise, relevant and tightly focused chapters, presented in a highly visual manner, are designed to engage rather than overwhelm students.</p> <p>Numerous case studies and real-world examples throughout the text examine how organisations in the Australian, New Zealand and Asian region are responding to contemporary business issues such as:</p> <p>&bull; sustainable business practices and ethical considerations</p> <p>&bull; the gender pay gap</p> <p>&bull; employee stress and work&ndash;life balance</p> <p>&bull; workforce flexibility and casualisation</p> <p>&bull; gen Y and the ageing workforce</p> <p>&bull; skills shortages</p> <p>&bull; globalisation</p> <p>&bull; telecommuting</p> <p>&bull; outsourcing</p> <p>&bull; diversity in the workplace and managing cross-cultural teams</p> <p>&bull; the &lsquo;24/7&rsquo; nature of contemporary communication technology, including social media.</p> <p>Complemented by the latest research in the field, this text provides a thorough analysis of contemporary organisational behaviour.</p>


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