The Case for Universal Property

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<p>We think our wealth today comes from productive corporations and workers, but they merely add icing to a cake baked long ago. In this provocative book, Peter Barnes argues that most of today’s wealth is co-inherited from nature and past human efforts, not individually earned. If some of that co-inherited wealth were placed in trust for each of us, living and yet-to-be born &ndash; creating what Barnes calls &ldquo;universal property&rdquo; &ndash; capitalism would be fundamentally transformed.</p> <p>As Barnes notes, capitalism as we know it has two tragic flaws: it relentlessly widens inequality and destroys nature. Both flaws are a result of one-sided property rights that favor capital over everything else. Adding universal property to the current property mix would create a market economy in which businesses prosper, nature&rsquo;s limits are respected, and a large middle class thrives. This smart and concise book could set the agenda for a post-COVID world.</p>