Out-of-Equilibrium (Supra)molecular Systems and Materials


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<b>Out-of-Equilibrium (Supra)molecular Systems and Materials</b> <p><b>A must-have resource that covers everything from out-of-equilibrium chemical systems to active materials</b><p><i>Out-of-Equilibrium (Supra)molecular Systems and Materials</i> presents a comprehensive overview of the synthetic approaches that use molecular and supramolecular bonds in various out-of-equilibrium situations. With contributions from noted experts on the topic, the text contains information on the design of dissipative chemical systems that adapt their structures in space and time when fueled by an external source of energy. The contributors also examine molecules, nanoscale objects and materials that can produce mechanical work based on molecular machines. Additionally, the book explores living supramolecular polymers that can be trapped in kinetically stable states, as well as out-of-equilibrium chemical networks and oscillators that are important to understand the emergence of complex behaviors and, in particular, the origin of life.<p>This important book:<ul><li>Offers comprehensive coverage of fields from design of out-of-equilibrium self-assemblies to molecular machines and active materials</li><li>Presents information on a highly emerging and interdisciplinary topic</li><li>Includes contributions from internationally renowned scientists</li></ul><p>Written for chemists, physical chemists, biochemists, material scientists, <i>Out-of-Equilibrium (Supra)molecular Systems and Materials</i> is an indispensable resource written by top scientists in the field.