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It has long been rumoured that a sixteenth-century monk called Eisenreich out-Machiavellied Machiavelli, writing a masterplan for the Church to achieve world domination. So dangerous was the text that the Pope had to kill Eisenreich to suppress it. But when the bullet-riddled body of a young girl is found in the mid-West and “Eisenreich” is her dying word, it becomes terrifyingly clear that not only is the document real, but someone is planning to use it.Sarah Trent, a US agent, and Xander Jaspers, a Columbia University professor, race to find this manuscript, but neither fully understand the danger they’re confronting as it has fallen into the hands of a cabal who intend to use it to rip society apart, and create a new world order.Trent and Jaspers make a quirky, entertaining team and the brilliant story line turns The Overseer into one of the best political thrillers of the decade.’Dazzling plot twists, highly sophisticated and diverting thriller, superior entertainment.’ Washington Post Book World]]>




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