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<b>Oxide Electronics</b> <p><b>Multiple disciplines converge in this insightful exploration of complex metal oxides and their functions and properties</b><p><i>Oxide Electronics</i> delivers a broad and comprehensive exploration of complex metal oxides designed to meet the multidisciplinary needs of electrical and electronic engineers, physicists, and material scientists. The distinguished author eschews complex mathematics whenever possible and focuses on the physical and functional properties of metal oxides in each chapter.<p>Each of the sixteen chapters featured within the book begins with an abstract and an introduction to the topic, clear explanations are presented with graphical illustrations and relevant equations throughout the book. Numerous supporting references are included, and each chapter is self-contained, making them perfect for use both as a reference and as study material.<p>Readers will learn how and why the field of oxide electronics is a key area of research and exploitation in materials science, electrical engineering, and semiconductor physics. The book encompasses every application area where the functional and electronic properties of various genres of oxides are exploited. Readers will also learn from topics like:<ul><li>Thorough discussions of High-k gate oxide for silicon heterostructure MOSFET devices and semiconductor-dielectric interfaces</li><li>An exploration of printable high-mobility transparent amorphous oxide semiconductors</li><li>Treatments of graphene oxide electronics, magnetic oxides, ferroelectric oxides, and materials for spin electronics</li><li>Examinations of the calcium aluminate binary compound, perovoksites for photovoltaics, and oxide 2Degs</li><li>Analyses of various applications for oxide electronics, including data storage, microprocessors, biomedical devices, LCDs, photovoltaic cells, TFTs, and sensors</li></ul><p>Suitable for researchers in semiconductor technology or working in materials science, electrical engineering, and physics, <i>Oxide Electronics</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of private industry researchers like device engineers working on electronic applications of oxide electronics. Engineers working on photovoltaics, sensors, or consumer electronics will also benefit from this book.


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