Panic Years


‘Every millennial woman should have this on her bookshelf’ Pandora Sykes

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As featured on The High-Low podcast.’Every millennial woman should have it on her bookshelf’ Pandora Sykes’As informative as it is poetic’ Dolly AldertonThe Panic Years: something between adolescence and menopause, a personal crisis, a transformation.The panic years can hit at any time but they are most commonly triggered somewhere between the ages of twenty-five and forty. During this time, every decision a woman makes – from postcode to partner, friends to family, work to weekends – will be impacted by the urgency of the one decision with a deadline, the one decision that is impossible to take back: whether or not to have a baby.But how to stay sane in such a maddening time?How to understand who you are and what you might want from life?How to know if you’re making the right decisions?Raw, hilarious and beguilingly honest, Nell Frizzell’s account of her panic years is both an arm around the shoulder and a campaign to start a conversation. This affects us all – women, men, mothers, children, partners, friends, colleagues – so it’s time we started talking about it with a little more candour. ‘Vital reading. Nell Frizzell is a master.’ Rob Delaney, co-writer and co-star of Catastrophe]]>



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