Personal Finance After 50 For Dummies


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<p><b>The&nbsp;best&nbsp;way to take control of your post-career financial future&nbsp;</b></p> <p>Retirement is lasting longer for all of us.&nbsp;That&rsquo;s why&mdash;and&nbsp;however long you&nbsp;decide&nbsp;to&nbsp;keep&nbsp;working&mdash;it&rsquo;s&nbsp;essential to&nbsp;plan&nbsp;ahead&nbsp;so you can live&nbsp;your&nbsp;post-career&nbsp;life&nbsp;as you wish.&nbsp;The&nbsp;latest edition of&nbsp;<i>Personal Finance After 50 For Dummies</i>&nbsp;details&nbsp;what you need to know&mdash;making it the perfect book to shelve next to your diet and fitness library,&nbsp;so you can&nbsp;keep your finances, as well as your health, in&nbsp;peak&nbsp;condition. Whether you&rsquo;re&nbsp;new to&nbsp;financial planning&nbsp;or are&nbsp;pretty&nbsp;savvy but want&nbsp;to cut through the noise with targeted&nbsp;information and advice,&nbsp;you&rsquo;ll find everything you need to know about how best to spend, invest, and protect your wealth so you can&nbsp;make&nbsp;your&nbsp;senior&nbsp;years worry-free, healthy,&nbsp;and fun.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>In plain English,&nbsp;retirement&nbsp;and financial&nbsp;experts&nbsp;Eric Tyson and Bob Carlson&nbsp;cover&nbsp;all the issues&nbsp;from&nbsp;investing,&nbsp;Social Security, and the&nbsp;long-term insurance marketplace&nbsp;to&nbsp;taxes&nbsp;and&nbsp;estate planning&mdash;including state-by-state&nbsp;differences. They demystify the muddy world of financial planning and provide strategies that make the course ahead crystal clear.&nbsp;They also dive into less obvious territory, showing&nbsp;how&nbsp;it&rsquo;s possible to&nbsp;strategize&nbsp;financially&nbsp;to avoid the worst impact of unexpected&nbsp;events&mdash;such as the COVID-19 crisis&mdash;as well as&nbsp;exploring&nbsp;what&nbsp;investment approaches you&nbsp;can&nbsp;take to&nbsp;protect&nbsp;the most important possession&nbsp;of all: your own and your family&rsquo;s health.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Minimize your taxes and make wise investing decisions&nbsp;</li> <li>Find out&nbsp;how the SECURE Act affects retirement accounts and savings&nbsp;</li> <li>Navigate&nbsp;the latest Medicare, Social Security, and&nbsp;property&nbsp;tax&nbsp;rules&nbsp;</li> <li>Dig into&nbsp;what&rsquo;s new&nbsp;in estate planning&nbsp;and reverse mortgages&nbsp;</li> <li>Get what you want from&nbsp;your career as you approach retirement&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Whether&nbsp;doing it&nbsp;for yourself or&nbsp;for parents,&nbsp;it&rsquo;s never too late&nbsp;to begin&nbsp;retirement planning&mdash;and this highly praised, straightforward&nbsp;book is the&nbsp;best&nbsp;way to take&nbsp;control,&nbsp;so you can be confident&nbsp;your senior years&nbsp;are&nbsp;exactly&nbsp;what&nbsp;you want them to&nbsp;be: golden.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


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