Persuasive Messages


The Process of Influence

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Designed to help students become more successful persuaders, <i>Persuasive Messages</i> offers practical advice on refining purpose, understanding audience, and designing a persuasive message. This textbook combines theory and practice, adopting a cognitive approach to understanding the persuasion process. <br /> <ul> <li>A guide to successful persuasion, using student-friendly examples to provide a much-needed balance between theory and application</li> <li>Offers a new approach using the Cognitive Response Model, which places a special emphasis on audiences, and how they react to, or process, persuasive messages</li> <li>Covers a broad range of issues including: the relationship between attitudes and behaviour; the nature of ethics in persuasion; dealing with hostile and multiple audiences; and theories of persuasion, including consistency, social judgment, and reasoned action</li> <li>Teaches readers to be critical consumers of persuasive messages by discussing persuasion in advertising and in politics</li> <li>Lecturer resources available at <a href=””></a></li> </ul>


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