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<p><i>Petroleum Geoscience, 2nd edition</i> is a comprehensive introduction to the application of geology and geophysics to the search for and production of oil and gas.&nbsp;The aim&nbsp;this updated&nbsp;second edition&nbsp;remains the same&nbsp;- to provide a comprehensive grounding in the geological sciences as applied to exploration for and production of oil and gas.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Uniquely, this book is structured to reflect the sequential and cyclical processes of exploration, appraisal, development and production. Chapters dedicated to each of these aspects are further illustrated by new case histories drawn from the authors’ experiences.&nbsp;<i>Petroleum Geoscience, 2nd edition</i>&nbsp;has a global and ‘geo-temporal’ backdrop, drawing examples and case histories from around the world and from petroleum systems ranging in age from late-Pre-Cambrian to Pliocene.&nbsp;</p> <p>In order to show how geoscience is integrated at all levels within the industry, the authors stress throughout the links between geology and geophysics on the one hand, and drilling, reservoir engineering, petrophysics, petroleum engineering, facilities design, and health, safety and the environment on the other.&nbsp;</p> <p>Discovery and production of petroleum underpinned global development throughout the twentieth&nbsp;century&nbsp;but times are changing.&nbsp; Combustion of fossil fuels and release of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide, is driving climate change.&nbsp; The skills and knowledge of the petroleum geoscientist also find application in carbon storage in and heat recovery (geothermal energy) from the Earth.&nbsp; This second edition addresses such technologies in the newly added Chapter 7.&nbsp;</p> <p>The target readership is mainly final year undergraduates and postgraduates in the earth sciences together with little-experienced technical staff within the petroleum industry. The book draws on a large variety of examples from many basins around the world and&nbsp;as a consequence&nbsp;should appeal to those interested in petroleum geoscience,&nbsp;whether they be in Aberdeen or Abu Dhabi,&nbsp;Houston or Ho Chi Min.&nbsp;</p>


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