Phosphorus-31 NMR Spectral Properties in Compound Characterization and Structural Analysis


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This is a methods-oriented book, which contains enormous amounts of information on 31P NMR, in a concise and well-edited format. It is an invaluable resource for every NMR spectroscopist.<br> This book consists of 33 chapters, which together ‘constitute a compendium that will be of optimal utility to the majority of 31P NMR spectroscopy users as well as to those perhaps not as familiar with the technique but curious about potential applications in their own research.’ (From the editors’ preface)<br> There have been a number of new developments in NMR techniques in the 6 years since Verkade and Quin edited the first, successful book on 31P NMR. This new book does not supersede the previous book; it offers a wide cross-section of recent research. Compard to the first, basic, grounding volume, this book presents more results (it is more applied); it directly reflects a more mature science.<br> Arguably, VCH has published the best NMR books in recent years (Neuhaus/Williamson, Croasmun/Carlson, etc.). This new addition to VCH’s NMR list ensures the continued visibility and excellence of VCH in this field.


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