Photoshop Elements 13 For Dummies


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<b>Take your photos from “meh” to “wow!” with Photoshop Elements 13 and this expert guide</b> <p><i>Photoshop Elements 13 For Dummies</i> is your guide to picture perfection using Adobe’s Photoshop Elements. This full-color manual walks you through the process of photo editing, from basic color corrections to advanced filter effects, drawing, and more. Work through from beginning to end for a complete lesson, or keep it handy as a quick reference for unfamiliar tools and techniques. Designed for beginner and intermediate Photoshop Elements users, this book provides straightforward instruction in a fun, richly illustrated, easy-to-read style that makes learning feel like play.</p> <p>Combining powerful tools with a user-friendly interface has made Photoshop Elements the number-one selling photo editing software. <i>Photoshop Elements 13 For Dummies</i> shows you how to take advantage of everything the software has to offer, helping you create high-quality images for print, e-mail, and the web. Even with no digital image editing experience at all, you’ll learn how to take your photos from bland to beautiful and have a blast along the way.</p> <ul> <li>Adjust resolutions, color modes, and file formats to best suit the project</li> <li>Work with layers, filters, effects, styles, type, and more</li> <li>Correct color, contrast and clarity for a simple photo makeover</li> <li>Optimize for print, or share on Facebook, Flickr, and other social networks</li> </ul> <p>The power and simplicity of Photoshop Elements makes it the perfect solution for amateurs seeking an affordable digital editing platform. The quicker you learn the tools, the sooner you’ll be turning out photos to brag about – and <i>Photoshop Elements 13 For Dummies</i> will get you there in a flash.</p>


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