Pinch of Nom Budget


Affordable, Delicious Food

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RECIPES YOU’LL LOVE – THAT WON’T BREAK THE BANK75 incredibly tasty and satisfying recipes from the authors of the bestselling Pinch of Nom series.BUDGET is bursting with slimming-friendly meals and desserts that bring all the flavour for a fraction of the cost. From cheeky fakeaways and hearty one-pan meals to mouthwatering sweet treats, this food feels so indulgent that you’d never guess it’s also wallet friendly.Thanks to delicious recipes, flexible cooking methods (including air fryers and slow cooker alternatives) and affordable ingredients, BUDGET has your mealtimes sorted.‘By reinventing old favourites, trying classic flavours in new ways and making the most of our store cupboard, we’ve put together our most affordable collection of recipes yet. We hope that this book helps to make life a bit easier for you, with recipes that you look forward to eating every day.’Kate & Kay]]>