Planning and Assessment in Higher Education


Demonstrating Institutional Effectiveness

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<p><b>PLANNING <small>AND</small> ASSESSMENT <small>IN</small> HIGHER EDUCATION</b></br> Demonstrating Institutional Effectiveness <p>In this era of increasing pressure on higher education institutions for accountability, <i>Planning and Assessment in Higher Education</i> is an essential resource for college and university leaders and staff charged with the task of providing evidence of institutional effectiveness. Michael F. Middaugh, a noted expert in the field, shows how colleges and universities can successfully measure student learning and institutional effectiveness and use these results to create more efficient communications with both internal and external constituencies as well as promote institutional effectiveness to support student learning. <p>”How can the assessment of institutional effectiveness be used to provide a solid foundation for planning? Middaugh has crafted a comprehensive, practical guide that also explains what accrediting agencies really want and need to know about these topics.”</br> —<b>Elizabeth H. Sibolski, executive vice president, Middle States Commission on Higher Education</b> <p>”Only Michael Middaugh, the unquestioned national leader in this field, could write such a lucid overview of how to make institutional assessment and planning really work as a tool rather than as a tedious requirement. He helped invent and shape the focus of national assessment rubrics and now offers his insights into how to make them work for your institution.”</br> —<b>John C. Cavanaugh, chancellor, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education</b> <p>”Middaugh provides extremely helpful and practical guidance and insights on how colleges and universities can use assessment tools and frameworks to improve both academic programs and administrative operations. A valuable and timely book for all higher education leaders.”</br> —<b>James P. Honan, senior lecturer on education, Harvard Graduate School of Education</b>


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