Plant-Based Diet Cookbook For Dummies


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<b>Live longer, live healthier, and feel amazing with a plant-based diet</b> <p>A plant-based diet has been proved to be a healthy and balanced alternative to diets that include meat. Even more importantly, it can be absolutely delicious and fun! <p>In <i>Plant-Based Diet Cookbook For Dummies</i> you’ll get all the recipes you need to guide you through a durable lifestyle change that will boost your energy, lower inflammation, encourage a healthy weight, and reduce your risk of disease. With over 100 foolproof and engaging recipes, this life-changing book will help you: <ul> <li>Get started from scratch with a plant-based diet that will save you money and time</li> <li>Discover new recipes and grocery shopping techniques that keep your fridge stocked with healthy, delicious food</li> <li>Learn how to navigate restaurants and social gatherings while maintaining your new lifestyle</li> </ul> <p>So, if you’ve been wondering if it’s time to make a change to your diet and lifestyle, why not give the plant-based diet a try?