Pollutants and Water Management


Resources, Strategies and Scarcity

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<b>POLLUTANTS</b> AND <b>WATER MANAGEMENT</b> <p><i>Pollutants and Water Management: Resources, Strategies and Scarcity</i> delivers a balanced and comprehensive look at recent trends in the management of polluted water resources. Covering the latest ­practical and theoretical aspects of polluted water management, the distinguished academics and authors emphasize indigenous practices of water resource management, the scarcity of clean water, and the future of the water system in the context of an increasing urbanization and globalization. <p>The book details the management of contaminated water sites, including heavy metal contaminations in surface and subsurface water sources. It details a variety of industrial activities that typically pollute water, such as those involving crude oils and dyes. In its discussion of recent trends in abatement strategies, <i>Pollutants and Water Management</i> includes an exploration of the application of microorganisms, like bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, and cyanobacteria, for the management of environmental contaminants.<p>Readers will also discover a wide variety of other topics on the conservation of water sources including:<ul><li> The role of government and the public in the management of water resource pollution<li>The causes of river system pollution and potential future scenarios in the abatement of river pollution </li><li>Microbial degradation of organic pollutants in various water bodies </li><li>The advancement in membrane technology used in water treatment processes </li><li>Lead contamination in groundwater and recent trends in abatement strategies for it </li><li>Highly polluting industries and their effects on surrounding water resources</li></ul> <p> Perfect for graduate and postgraduate students and researchers whose focus is on recent trends in abatement strategies for pollutants and the application of microorganisms for the management of environmental contaminants, <i> Pollutants and Water Management: Resources, Strategies and Scarcity </i> also has a place in the libraries of environmentalists whose work involves the management and conservation of polluted sites.