Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 1


Investment Management

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<p><b><i>Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 1: Investment Management </i>delivers a comprehensive overview of investment management for students and industry professionals.</b></p> <p>As the first volume in the CFA Institute&rsquo;s new <i>Portfolio Management in Practice </i>series, <i>Investment Management </i>offers professionals looking to enhance their skillsets and students building foundational knowledge an essential understanding of key investment management concepts. Designed to be an accessible resource for a wide range of learners, this volume explores the full portfolio management process.</p> <p>Inside, readers will find detailed coverage of:</p> <ul> <li>Forming capital market expectations</li> <li>Principles of the asset allocation process</li> <li>Determining investment strategies within each asset class</li> <li>Integrating considerations specific to high net worth individuals or institutions into chosen strategies</li> <li>And more</li> </ul> <p>To apply the concepts outlined in the <i>Investment Management </i>volume, explore the accompanying <i>Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 1: Investment Management Workbook. </i>The perfect companion resource, this workbook aligns chapter-by-chapter with <i>Investment Management </i>for easy referencing so readers can draw connections between theoretical content and challenging practice problems.</p> <p>Featuring contributions from the CFA Institute&rsquo;s subject matter experts, <i>Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 1: Investment Management </i>distills the knowledge forward-thinking professionals will need to succeed in today&rsquo;s fast-paced financial world.</p>


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