Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 2


Asset Allocation

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<p><b>Discover the latest essential resource on asset allocation for students and investment professionals. </b></p> <p>Part of the CFA Institute&rsquo;s three-volume <i>Portfolio Management in Practice </i>series, <i>Asset Allocation </i>offers a deep, comprehensive &shy;treatment of the asset allocation process and the underlying theories and markets that support it. As the second volume in the series, <i>Asset Allocation </i>meets the needs of both graduate-level students focused on finance and industry professionals looking to become more dynamic investors.</p> <p>Filled with the insights and industry knowledge of the CFA Institute&rsquo;s subject matter experts, <i>Asset Allocation </i>effectively blends theory and practice while helping the reader expand their skillsets in key areas of interest.</p> <p>This volume provides complete coverage on the following topics:</p> <ul> <li>Setting capital market expectations to support the asset allocation process</li> <li>Principles and processes in the asset allocation process, including handling ESG-integration and client-specific constraints</li> <li>Allocation beyond the traditional asset classes to include allocation to alternative investments</li> <li>The role of exchange-traded funds can play in implementing investment strategies</li> <li>An integrative case study in portfolio management involving a university endowment</li> </ul> <p>To further enhance your understanding of tools and techniques explored in <i>Asset Allocation</i>, don&rsquo;t forget to pick up the <i>Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 2: Asset Allocation Workbook</i>. The workbook is the perfect companion resource containing learning outcomes, summary overview sections, and challenging practice questions that align chapter-by-chapter with the main text.</p>