Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 2


Asset Allocation Workbook

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<p>The <i>Asset Allocation Workbook</i> offers a range of practical information and exercises that reinforce the key concepts explored in <i>Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 2: Asset Allocation</i>. Part of the reputable CFA Institute Investment Series, the workbook is designed to further students&rsquo; and professionals&rsquo; hands-on experience with a variety of learning outcomes, summary overview sections, and challenging problems and solutions.</p> <p>The workbook provides the necessary tools and latest information to help learners advance their skills in this critical facet of portfolio management. Aligning chapter-by-chapter with the main text so readers can easily pair exercises with the appropriate content, this workbook covers:</p> <ul> <li>Setting capital market expectations to support the asset allocation process</li> <li>Principles and processes in the asset allocation process, including handling ESG-integration and client-specific constraints</li> <li>Allocation beyond the traditional asset classes to include allocation to alternative investments</li> <li>The role of exchange-traded funds can play in implementing investment strategies</li> </ul> <p>The <i>Asset Allocation Workbook</i> has been compiled by experienced CFA members to give learners world-class examples based on scenarios faced by finance professionals every day. For practice on additional aspects of portfolio management, explore <i>Volume 1: Investment Management</i>, <i>Volume 3: Equity Portfolio Management</i>, and their accompanying workbooks to complete the <i>Portfolio Management in Practice </i>series.</p>