Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 3


Equity Portfolio Management Workbook

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<p>The <i>Equity Portfolio Management Workbook</i> provides learners with real-world problems based on key concepts explored in <i>Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 3: Equity Portfolio Management.</i> Part of the reputable CFA Institute Investment Series, the workbook is designed to further students&rsquo; and professionals&rsquo; hands-on experience with a variety of Learning Outcomes, Summary Overview sections, and challenging exercises and solutions.</p> <p>Created with modern perspective, the workbook presents the necessary tools for understanding equity portfolio management and applying it in the workplace. This essential companion resource mirrors the main text, making it easy for readers to follow. Inside, users will find information and exercises about:</p> <ul> <li>The difference between passive and active equity strategies</li> <li>Market efficiency underpinnings of passive equity strategies</li> <li>Active equity strategies and constructing portfolios to reflect active strategies</li> <li>Technical analysis as an additional consideration in executing active equity strategies</li> </ul> <p>While the <i>Equity Portfolio Management </i>volume and its companion workbook can be used in conjunction with the other volumes in the series, the pair also functions well as a standalone focus on equity investing. With each contributor bringing his own unique experiences and perspectives to the portfolio management process, the <i>Equity Portfolio Management Workbook</i> distills the knowledge, skills, and abilities readers need to succeed in today&rsquo;s fast-paced financial world.</p>