Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 3


Equity Portfolio Management

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<p><b>Discover the latest essential resource on equity portfolio management for students and investment professionals. </b></p> <p>Part of the CFA Institute’s three-volume <i>Portfolio Management in Practice </i>series, <i>Equity Portfolio Management </i>offers a fuller treatment of active versus passive equity investment strategies. This text outlines key topics in the portfolio management process with clear, concise language to serve as an accessible guide for students and current industry professionals.</p> <p>Building on content in the <i>Investment Management</i> and <i>Equity Valuation</i> volumes in the CFA Institute Investment Series, <i>Equity Portfolio Management</i> provides an in-depth, technical examination of constructing and evaluating active equity methods.</p> <p>This volume explores:</p> <ul> <li>An overview of passive versus active equity strategies</li> <li>Market efficiency underpinnings of passive equity strategies</li> <li>Active equity strategies and developing portfolios to reflect active strategies</li> <li>Technical analysis as an additional consideration in executing active equity strategies</li> </ul> <p>To further enhance your understanding of the tools and techniques covered here, don’t forget to pick up the <i>Portfolio Management in Practice, Volume 3: Equity Portfolio Management Workbook</i>. The workbook is the perfect companion resource containing Learning Outcomes, Summary Overview sections, and challenging practice questions that align chapter-by-chapter with the main text.</p> <p><i>Equity Portfolio Management </i>alongside the other <i>Portfolio Management in Practice </i>volumesdistill the knowledge, skills, and abilities readers need to succeed in today&rsquo;s fast-paced financial world.</p>


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