Power Flow Control Solutions for a Modern Grid Using SMART Power Flow Controllers


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<b>Power Flow Control Solutions for a Modern Grid using SMART Power Flow Controllers</b> <p><b>Provides students and practicing engineers with the foundation required to perform studies of power system networks and mitigate unique power flow problems</B> <p><i>Power Flow Control Solutions for a Modern Grid using SMART Power Flow Controllers</i> is a clear and accessible introduction to power flow control in complex transmission systems. Starting with basic electrical engineering concepts and theory, the authors provide step-by-step explanations of the modeling techniques of various power flow controllers (PFCs), such as the voltage regulating transformer (VRT), the phase angle regulator (PAR), and the unified power flow controller (UPFC). The textbook covers the most up-to-date advancements in the Sen transformer (ST), including various forms of two-core designs and hybrid architectures for a wide variety of applications. <p>Beginning with an overview of the origin and development of modern power flow controllers, the authors explain each topic in straightforward engineering terms—corroborating theory with relevant mathematics. Throughout the text, easy-to-understand chapters present characteristic equations of various power flow controllers, explain modeling in the Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP), compare transformer-based and mechanically-switched PFCs, discuss grid congestion and power flow limitations, and more. This comprehensive textbook: <ul><li>Describes why effective Power Flow Controllers should be viewed as impedance regulators</li> <li>Provides computer simulation codes of the various power flow controllers in the EMTP programming language</li> <li>Contains numerous worked examples and data cases to clarify complex issues</li> <li>Includes results from the simulation study of an actual network </li> <li>Features models based on the real-world experiences the authors, co-inventors of first-generation FACTS controllers</li></ul> <p>Written by two acknowledged leaders in the field, <i>Power Flow Control Solutions for a Modern Grid using SMART Power Flow Controllers</i> is an ideal textbook for graduate students in electrical engineering, and a must-read for power engineering practitioners, regulators, and researchers.