Power Magnetic Devices


A Multi-Objective Design Approach

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<b>Power Magnetic Devices</b> <p><b>Discover a cutting-edge discussion of the design process for power magnetic devices </b> <p>In the newly revised second edition of <i>Power Magnetic Devices: A Multi-Objective Design Approach</i>, accomplished engineer and author Dr. Scott D. Sudhoff delivers a thorough exploration of the design principles of power magnetic devices such as inductors, transformers, and rotating electric machinery using a systematic and consistent framework. <p> The book includes new chapters on converter and inverter magnetic components (including three-phase and common-mode inductors) and elaborates on characteristics of power electronics that are required knowledge in magnetics. New chapters on parasitic capacitance and finite element analysis have also been incorporated into the new edition. The work further includes: <ul><li>A thorough introduction to evolutionary computing-based optimization and magnetic analysis techniques </li> <li>Discussions of force and torque production, electromagnet design, and rotating electric machine design </li> <li>Full chapters on high-frequency effects such as skin- and proximity-effect losses, core losses and their characterization, thermal analysis, and parasitic capacitance </li> <li>Treatments of dc-dc converter design, as well as three-phase and common-mode inductor design for inverters </li> <li>An extensive open-source MATLAB code base, PowerPoint slides, and a solutions manual</li></ul> <p> Perfect for practicing power engineers and designers, <i>Power Magnetic Devices</i> will serve as an excellent textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in electromechanical and electromagnetic design.