Power System Protection


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<b>A newly updated guide to the protection of power systems in the 21st century</b> <p><i>Power System Protection, 2nd Edition</i> combines brand new information about the technological and business developments in the field of power system protection that have occurred since the last edition was published in 1998. <p>The new edition includes updates on the effects of short circuits on: <ul> <li>Power quality</li> <li>Multiple setting groups</li> <li>Quadrilateral distance relay characteristics</li> <li>Loadability</li> </ul> <p>It also includes comprehensive information about the impacts of business changes, including deregulation, disaggregation of power systems, dependability, and security issues. <i>Power System Protection</i> provides the analytical basis for design, application, and setting of power system protection equipment for today’s engineer. Updates from protection engineers with distinct specializations contribute to a comprehensive work covering all aspects of the field. <p>New regulations and new components included in modern power protection systems are discussed at length. Computer-based protection is covered in-depth, as is the impact of renewable energy systems connected to distribution and transmission systems.