Practical Antennas for Mobile Telecommunications Networks


A Guide to Understanding Base Station Antennas

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This practical handbook combines both introductory and specialist material covering antenna theory overview through to modelling considerations, manufacturing issues, evaluation criteria and future BTS antenna systems. The practical issues discussed are specifically for mobile network antennas. <ul> <li>Provides a ‘top-down’ approach by explaining how the mobile network system’s operational specifications ‘cascade down’ to define antenna specifications</li> <li>Aims to provide an enhanced understanding of antennas by using the minimum of high level mathematics and the maximum of figures, diagrams, and practical examples</li> <li>Explains specification parameters, antenna types and associated functionalities, modular building blocks and production parameters all essential in the antenna selection process</li> <li>Features numerous antenna design examples with a comparison of their characterization, measurement and technology to assist readers to deploy the optimum antenna system in terms of performance, cost and reliability </li> </ul> <p>Having worked in the antenna industry since 1969 the author has a wealth of experience and first hand knowledge of current design methods and manufacturing considerations currently unavailable in other books in this area.</p>