Practical Synthetic Organic Chemistry


Reactions, Principles, and Techniques

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This book is a hands-on guide for the organic chemist. Focusing on the most reliable and useful reactions, the chapter authors provide the information necessary for a chemist to strategically plan a synthesis, as well as repeat the procedures in the laboratory.<br /><br /> <ul> <li>Consolidates all the key advances/concepts in one book, covering the most important reactions in organic chemistry, including substitutions, additions, eliminations, rearrangements, oxidations, reductions</li> <li>Highlights the most important reactions, addressing basic principles, advantages/disadvantages of the methodology, mechanism, and techniques for achieving laboratory success</li> <li>Features new content on recent advances in CH activation, photoredox and electrochemistry, continuous chemistry, and application of biocatalysis in synthesis</li> <li>Revamps chapters to include new and additional examples of chemistry that have been demonstrated at a practical scale</li> </ul>


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