Pricing Done Right


The Pricing Framework Proven Successful by the World’s Most Profitable Companies

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<b>Practical guidance and a fresh approach for more accurate value-based pricing</b> <p><i>Pricing Done Right</i> provides a cutting-edge framework for value-based pricing and clear guidance on ideation, implementation, and execution. More action plan than primer, this book introduces a holistic strategy for ensuring on-target pricing by shifting the conversation from ‘What is value-based pricing?’ to ‘How can we ensure that our pricing reflects our goals?’ You’ll learn to identify the decisions that must be managed, how to manage them, and who should make them, as illustrated by real-world case studies. The key success factor is to build a pricing organization within your organization; this reveals the relationships between pricing decisions, how they affect each other, and what the ultimate effects might be. With this deep-level insight, you are better able to decide where your organization needs to go.   <p>Pricing needs to be done right, and pricing decisions have to be made—but are you sure that you’re leaving these decisions to the right people? Few managers are confident that their prices accurately reflect the cost and value of their product, and this uncertainty leaves money on the table. This book provides a practical template for better pricing strategies, methods, roles, and decisions, with a concrete roadmap through execution. <ul> <li>Identify the right questions for pricing analyses</li> <li>Improve your pricing strategy and decision making process</li> <li>Understand roles, accountability, and value-based pricing</li> <li>Restructure perspectives to help pricing reflect your organization’s goals</li> </ul> <p>The critical link between pricing and corporate strategy must be reflected in the decision making process. <i>Pricing Done Right</i> provides the blueprint for more accurate pricing, with expert guidance throughout the change process.


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